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What Is An 'Indigo Child'? (Pt.1 ca. 2007)

Indigo children are here to serve a very important purpose. There is much misunderstanding and miscommunication regarding Indigo children, and hopefully I can clarify some of that, here.

Indigo Children started incarnating many years prior to that which many believe. Though most incarnating onto the planet at this time are Indigo Children, the first Indigo Children started trickling in in the 60's and 70's. These were the lighthouse beacons, the way showers, for those who would come en masse. There are these 'First Wave' Indigo Children, and prior to that there were even older people who were not born an Indigo Child, but later transformed their energy to that of an Adult Indigo Child.

We are here, to serve as light anchors and healers, and energy facilitators for the planet and humanity. Indigo Children are extremely energetically sensitive, very 'psychic', and extremely intuitive. We exist to aid and facilitate human growth and ascension on the planet. As another website so succinctly put it: "We are the first generation of humans that will leave the planet in a better condition than we found it".

An Indigo Childs life is very different from what is considered 'typical', and we generally do not fit in with the society considered 'norms' of existence. The Indigo Child's childhood and early growth experience is generally fraught with 'dysfunction' and problems, as those we encounter are as challenged to understand us, as we are them.

One of the most frequent mis-labelings of an Indigo Child, is that of ADD/ADHD. Let me tell you dear human, what your ADHD really is:

You Say: "They cant pay attention"
Actuality:We are of superior intellect and ability, and find mundane tasks and routines boring! I still remember the first math question, when I cracked the book open my 8th grade year. "8x4=" ...Need I say more? Challenge our minds. Then we'll show you what we can really do.

You Say:"Their thoughts race from thing to thing"
Actuality: Our brains are wired to multitask and focus on multiple things or projects at once. We dont understand why everyone else cant. This is part of our holographic thought process (as opposed to conventional fragmentary thought), and quite normal.

So, maybe sometimes we talk fast. Its just our mouths trying to keep up with our brains. As I once said: "Im not talking too fast! Youre thinking too slow!"

If your child is on medications, seriously, reevaluate what you are seeing, and seriously just consider that the gifted mind your child has is a blessing, not something to be medicated away or interfered with. ...We do not need 'saving', other than from those who seek to 'save' us.

The Indigo Child is also very susceptible to panic and anxiety issues. As we are so very clairsentient and channel such intense frequencies and energy, we are commonly bombarded with sensory overload and we reach a point where we just cant handle anymore when this is combined with the struggle to function within a world of such contrasting energetic vibration, and especially the overwhelming sensitivity to the people and environment around us.

Indigo Children anchor light and energy to the planet, and accelerate energy in those we encounter and interact with. Its like shining a light into the darkness. The darkness cant help but be lit. Thats the same effect we have on You.

For many years, humanity was on a crash-course with destruction and elimination. As humans developed and expanded their own minds, the potential for humans exponentially increased. As much as you have become aware of and developed on your own, there is still a need for extraneous stimulation and development.

If you are the family member or loved one of an Indigo Child, you have no doubt been challenged. We are not accepted, and do not fit in with lifes norms. The Indigo Child can not passively comply or just fit in, with the ways of old energy. Our life is a battle, as we encounter lifes obstacles, and function within a world that is so (for lack of a better term), out dated.

The Indigo Child does not 'fit in'. We do not understand your ways. An Indigo Child is very peace-loving and functions within the terms of understanding the maximum potential of the individual human experience, which most of the time farly surpasses that of which you live. Yet, the irony of being so peace loving, is that we are so often placed in situations of conflict and battle, and forced to fight because we will always stand up for that which we believe in, or believe to be so.

An Indigo Child by definition is extremely psychic, very intuitive, and of high intelligence. They generally have difficulty functioning within the rigid structure of old energy, and are seen as non-comformists.

Never attempt to have a battle of wits or power struggle with an Indigo Child. We intuitively read everyone we interact with. By this, I don't mean we do psychic readings on everyone, but we are aware of an individuals intention and general moral character. We know when we are being lied to or deceived. We see through disguises very easily.

The Indigo Child is generally underestimated as a youngster, and we delight in antagonizing those in positions of authority who aren't worthy, and/or misuse the power they have. (Such as teachers). Indigo Children generally do not perform to the best of our ability in such situations (such as school), leading to the frustration of our parents and those who are aware of our potential and ability to do better. We can not comply with routine that seems pointless to us, though we excel (to a level of expertise) in areas of interest.

We can not excel in activities that seem boring, stupid, or useless. Again this leads to much frustration for those around us. As an example: In 3rd grade my IQ was tested to be 183. Yet, at the end of my first semester of my freshman year (When I intentionally got myself expelled to escape the torture of public schooling) my GPA was .68. Yes, thats point-six-eight. I had a low 'D' average, even though I placed second in my Junior High in the Math Field day test, 4th in the state on the written portion of my 8th-grade CTBS testing, and as a result of my achievement test scores Johns Hopkins University wanted me to participate in a summer program, for the period in-between my eighth and ninth-grade year. ...After beginning my home-schooling, I completed the remainder of ninth grade, tenth, eleventh, AND twelfth in a little over a year- with a 3.89 GPA!

As part of our purpose to dismantle the old energy, we frequently 'shake things up' and are generally viewed as 'problem' children. We can not be 'controlled', and, since we are generally smarter than those seeking to control or manipulate us, such attempts at doing so generally culminates in disastrous results. We will not compromise ourselves or our integrity, and we will not back down from stances we know to be correct. We will not honor and respect some sense of 'authority', merely because you feel you are in a position that expects it to be granted automatically. Your title or position is of no value to us. Your actions, integrity, and ability with which you serve that position is EVERYTHING. Our respect is given to those who deserve it or are worthy. Whether anyone else can see or understand our perspective, is of little consequence. We are warriors of Spirit.

We know, what we know. Whereas many who gain awareness describe the process as if someone turned the lights on, the Indigo Child was born with the lights already on. Growing up, we generally do not realize that others do not see things the way we do. Rather, we know we are different, but we dont realize that everyone doesnt have the clarity and insight that we do. That is why human nature is such a perplexity to us, as we can't understand why people are the way they are, why they dont see things with the clarity we do, or why things don't come to them that seem to be such common sense, to Us. Though we instinctively attempt to comprehend the position or viewpoint of others, many of times this simply leaves us baffled. We understand what you are saying (on a logical level), but the supporting emotion and thought process leaves us scratching our heads.

We are frequently described as being 'Old Souls in young bodies', and are born with an innate sense of logic and perspective.


What Is An 'Indigo Child'? (Pt.2 ca. 2013)

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